4 Things to Know About the NeoGraft Hair Restoration Treatment

One of the most troubling aspects of aging, whether you are a man or a woman, has got to be hair loss. The fact is that hair loss is more common than its ever been before, and a lot of this has to do with the amount of stress in the lives of modern men and women, genetics, and of course our everyday lifestyle habits. And when it comes to hair restoration treatments, there’s a number of different options out there. Whether you are considering the medication route, using compounds like minoxidil or finasteride, or you choose to try one of the countless topical creams and oils that are out there. And while these are certainly effective for some patients, far too many individuals aren’t able to get the success they want, and all too often, for most patients, the side effects can outweigh the amount of hair restoration treatment you actually get. This is why many patients are turning to a specialized variation of the FUE hair transplant known as the NeoGraft hair transplant. This is what many individuals refer to as an automated version of the FUE hair transplant, and has given countless men and women amazing results. According to the team at Luxury Hair treatment with the NeoGraft has been quite effective on patients, and like other forms of the FUE hair transplant it takes follicles from an area where the hair is still growing thick and lustrous, and performing a follicle transplant to the front of the head or the area in which patients are suffering from hair loss the most. Despite how effective this surgical hair transplant is, many patients are still uneducated on what the NeoGraft treatment can offer. In this article, we will be going over a few of the most important things to understand about the Neograft scalp transplant procedure.

First and Only FDA-Approved FUE Surgical Hair Transplant System Using a Device
As we mentioned, the NeoGraft hair transplant is a specialized variation of the FUE scalp transplant procedure, that uses a device as opposed to a surgeon performing each individual follicle transplant. However, because this is a version that uses a special device to suction out the individual follicles, as opposed to a surgeon having to perform the actual follicle transplant, it often eliminates a ton of the possible human error. And in most other surgical hair transplant procedures, this is where the procedure will often falter, as human error can often be the cause of the damage to the follicle itself, and prevent the proper growth once it is transplanted. At Luxury Hair treatment for hair loss has never been as quick, easy or as effective until the NEOGRAFT TREATMENT was created.

An Excellent Option for Revision Scalp Transplant Surgery
One of the most common reasons hair loss patients choose the NeoGraft is because they have trued another variation of a surgical hair transplant, and aren’t happy with their results. This will lead them to seek out alternatives, and unfortunately they often only get it right on the second try. But the fact is that the NeoGraft hairline transplant can help patients who have previously undergone some form of hair transplant surgery, and might suffer from linear scars, or blotchy, uneven patches of hair growth. As we mentioned, during other methods the hair follicles will often die and not properly growth after the follicle transplant. As a result, NeoGraft treatment is often used to cover up these spots and unappealing areas of the scalp.

Minimal Downtime, Recovery, and Discomfort!
The fact is that hair restoration treatment, especially surgical is no joke, and should be taken as a serious surgical procedure. however, the NeoGraft scalp transplant is a minimally invasive surgical hair transplant, and doesn’t require the use of a surgical scalpel to break the skin, or peel off areas of the scalp as is done in other procedures. Because of this minimally invasive technique, and the use of a specialized suction and follicle transplant device, the NeoGraft method means patients feel far less pain, discomfort, less side effects, less risks, and have less downtime and revery period.

No Stitches, Staples or Scarring
Again, one of the main reasons individuals – both men and women choose the NeoGraft hair transplant is because it is minimally invasive, and therefore doesn’t require the use of surgical tools or scalpels. This means that the skin doesn’t have to be stapled or stitches backed together and patients can avoid unwanted scarring and marks!

For more information on NeoGraft and hair treatment, be sure to contact Luxury Hair Suites today.

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