As one of the premiere aesthetic enhancement experts in all of NYC, Dr. V Abayev, and his team at Luxury Hair Suites have been providing patients with the very best in high-level cosmetics for years!

Dr. V Abayev

A board certified aesthetic specialist, Dr. V Abayev is the owner of Luxury Hair Suites, as well as Dr. V’s NY MedSpa, one of the top rated and most in-demand cosmetic practices in all of NYC. With decades of experience, and a background entrenched in the world of health and wellness, Dr. V and his team take a unique approach to the aesthetics industry, providing patients with the most effective, minimally-invasive aesthetic enhancement treatments, while ensuring they pay close attention to the overall health and wellness of their patients. This has allows Dr. V to provide patients with the high-level aesthetic enhancement they desire, while allowing he and his team to limit the presence of side effects, unwanted risk factors, unnecessary downtime, and long, and drawn-out recovery periods that can sometimes be associated with cosmetics.

In addition to his work in aesthetic medicine, Dr. V is also an Associated Professor at New York University (NYU).

Hair Restoration from Luxury Hair Suites

While being an expert in an array of aesthetic methods, Dr. V and his team specialize in hair restoration procedures for both men and women, a passion that has led them to the creation of Luxury Hair Suites. A practice entirely devoted to combatting one of the most common and devastating, cosmetic issues known today, hair loss. Over the years, in providing treatments for hair loss, and studying the issues that lead to its development in both men and women, Dr. V has been able to perfect his procedures and been able to develop a deeper understanding into how patients can properly combat and eliminate the risk factors that cause hair loss to progress. In doing so, he found the FUE (follicular unit extraction) hair transplant method, and one of its most promising variations, the NeoGraft treatment. And through countless hours of research, and providing the procedure to patients, Dr. V was able to perfect his technique, and the use of the device, to provide what many patients believe to be one of the single most effective hair restoration procedures you can get done. The procedure is effective as both the first hair transplant procedure, as well as a supplement for those who have previously undergone a hair transplant, helping to correct any issues or mistakes that might have occurred during the initial procedure.

Using this procedure, Dr. V and his team have been able to provide countless men and women, with the thicker, fuller, more youthful, head of hair they’ve always wanted - in a method that is not only faster, and more efficient, but far safer - performed by one of NYC’s most trusted names in aesthetics!

For more information on the NeoGraft procedure, Dr. V, his team, or any of our other amazing treatments, be sure to contact our office today.


Hair Restoration

When it comes to hair restoration, the FUE method (follicular unit extraction) and more specifically the NeoGraft treatment, has been one of the safest and most effective treatments available to date!

With countless happy patients, both men and women, Dr. V and his team have been able to help patients dealing with a wide variety of hair loss issues!

From common male or female pattern baldness, to hair loss related hormonal changes, medications, and more, the NeoGraft treatment has been able to help patients with lost or thinning hair, receding hairlines, and crown issues to reinvigorate their follicles, and achieve a thicker head of hair - faster and more efficiently than any other method around.

Client Reviews

As a patient of Dr. V I have to say he is a great doctor! I am 10 months post-op from my Neograft hair treatment and I am so happy with my results! My hair is coming in so nicely, the transplant was a complete success – I couldn’t imagine it going any better! And Dr. V is very caring and meticulous with his patients. He put me at ease throughout the whole process, kept me informed on everything, and made sure I understood everything in detail before he did it. Can’t say enough good things about Dr. V!

Marvin F.