According to recent statistics, the vast majority of modern men and women suffer from some form of hair loss as they age. While this number has increased over the last few years, we have also seen one of the most interesting rises in the number of treatments available to combat hair loss issues. As hair loss restoration has become one of the largest concerns in the aesthetics industry, as we have learned it can actually be mitigated. And while some of these treatments like PRP hair restoration are effective on certain patients, they really aren’t meant for everyone and unfortunately these patients might have to opt for far more invasive means such as hair transplant surgery. At Luxury Hair Suites, Dr. V and his team offer one of the most effective and well known hair transplant surgery variations, known as the NeoGraft treatment or the NeoGraft Hair transplant. This popular innovation in the world of hair transplant surgery, has taken patients by storm, as it is in essence, somewhat of an automated variation on the ever-popular, FUE hair transplant. FUE is also known as follicular unit extraction, a type of hair transplant in which hairs follicles are removed from he back and sides of the head, one by one, and then implanted into the patient’s scalp along the treatment area in an area where they might not be growing currently. Despite how popular the Neo hair transplant surgery has become, and how effective it seems to be, many individuals are still fairly uneducated not he subject. In this article, we will be exploring the procedure further and educating prospective patients on what this hair loss restoration procedure entails.


Before we delve into the the NeoGraft treatment, its important to understand what a hair transplant actually is, and particularly the FUE hair transplant surgery or follicular unit extraction procedure is. because the most common forms of hair loss are male and female pattern baldness, in which patients experience lost or thinning hair along the front and top of their scalp, as opposed to the sides and back of their head – hair transplant surgery is very popular. Hair transplants are surgeries that take hair follicles from one part of your scalp, as we mentioned, usually from the back or sides, and implant them into balding areas. First devised in 1939, there have been many advances made on these procedures, allowing patients to experience significantly better results. The Neo hair transplant is a automated version of the FUE hair transplant surgery. During the FUE, the surgeon will manually remove individual hair follicles, and then make incisions in the balding areas, of the scalp, and then implant those new hairs – like they are transplanting a flower from one place to another. While this has proven to be more effective than the former FUT method, in which surgeons removed an entire stretch of the scalp skin, and implanted that whole piece of skin with the follicles onto the balding area – often, because of human error, during the FUE method, individual hair follicles can become damaged or breakdown. This leaves them unable to grow in, on their new spot along the scalp.
The Neograft treatment has fixed a number of these issues.


Unlike the common FUE procedure, the NEOGRAFT HAIR TRANSPLANT uses an automated device known as a wand to extract them with suction. By doing this, they are able to avoid damage that would come to the hair follicle and grab a number of them at one time. Also, the surgeon doesn’t need to make an incision for new hair follicles and can instead use a special tool that makes the incisions and implants the follicles at the same time.


Using these specialized devices for the procedure has made a huge different in the effectiveness of an FUE procedure. These devices cut down on the human error that is often the main issue with the FUE hair transplant procedure. The main benefits include:

Reduced Hair Follicle Damage – The device are much smoother than any human can be, and therefore because they automated both the extraction and implantation process, compared to traditional FUE or FUT procedures, it reduces the likelihood fo trauma to the follicle, and increases the survival rate of transplanted hairs.

Less Complications – Because this is a minimally invasive variation of a hair transplant, there are less side effects, downtime and complications involved. Especially when compared to an FUT procedure, where an entire strip of the scalp must be cut. NeoGraft doesn’t require any stitches or staples and the automation helps remove human error that could cause damage to nerves or blood vessels.

Faster & More Effective – Not only has NeoGraft proven to be more effective than any traditional hair transplant procedure, it is also much faster. A traditional procedure can take days for larger grafts, however, because of the automated devices, the same Neograft treatment can be done in only a few hours.

Patients have tons of success using this method, and its been shown to help patients who haven’t had much success with other methods of HAIR RESTORATION the past. But its not for everyone, and its important to have a consultation with your surgeon beforehand to make sure its right for you first. For more information on the NeoGraft treatment be sure to contact Luxury Hair Suites today.

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