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What Should You Know About the Artas Robotic Hair Transplant?

With hair loss being one of the most common aesthetic issues amongst both men and women in 2022, it’s no surprise patients all across NYC are clamoring for new and unique methods of hair loss treatment – hoping to restore their hair to its former glory. The fact is that hair loss can strike anyone at almost any age. While there is often a genetic component, it can occur for several different reasons from stress, lifestyle habits, unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, and much more. But in today’s world, some men and women are beginning to experience the earliest signs of hair loss – thinning hair and receding hairline, as early as their mid-20s in certain cases. According to Dr. V and his team at Luxury Hair Suites, known for the BEST HAIR TRANSPLANT NYC has to offer, the NeoGraft, they also offer another amazing option for those who may not be an ideal candidate for the Neo hair transplant – this is the Artas Robotic hair transplant! Many would say that the Artas Hair restoration system is the most sophisticated and technologically advanced device to be introduced to the field of hair restoration surgery. The system utilizes image-guided robotics and intelligent algorithms to improve manual hair transplant techniques. Completely revolutionizing hair loss treatment, this variation on the traditional FUE hair transplant uses technology to greatly improve success rates, and the health of each follicle. This ability to automate the process has eliminated a lot of possible sources of human error, and like all advances in technology in cosmetics, has allowed patients to get the same high-level results, with far fewer risks, side effects, and downtime overall.

Why Choose the Artas Robotic Hair Transplant?
The fact is that patients who have been introduced to surgical hair restoration treatment options have likely heard of the FUE or FUT hair transplant. The Artas Hair restoration system can help patients to eliminate several risks, side effects, and possible sources of human error as we have mentioned. This not only allows patients to achieve better results overall, and have a higher chance of success, but it also keeps their hair follicles safe. One of the major issues with FUE, is that often during the extraction process, or even the implantation process the once-thriving hair follicle might experience some sort of breakage or damage. This will not be evident immediately and even an expert like Dr. V won’t be able to tell if it is dead right away. This means that the hair follicle will still likely be implanted, even though it will not grow at all, and there is a chance that there will be more hair follicles to suffer such a fate. The robotic arm process of the Artas hair restoration system prevents this damage from occurring by automating the process with a device. This is similar to the Neo hair transplant provided through NeoGraft. There are several other befits to using the Artas hair transplant, including:

– it is virtually pain-free. Patients may feel minor discomfort.
– No scalpel incisions, stitches, or cuts are needed! Minimally invasive hair transplant option.
– No linear scarring has become commonplace amongst other more invasive hair transplant options.
– The use of highly advanced digital imaging.
– Device and technique help to identify the best hair follicles for harvesting.
– Robotics allows for unmatched precision, speed, accuracy, and consistency.
– Eliminates manual fatigue or human error that might occur over time.
– Allows for a much faster recovery and healing period.
– Some of the most natural-looking results possible.

Versus Traditional FUE
It’s important to understand that while it is essentially a variation on the traditional FUE HAIR TRANSPLANT , the Artas treatment is very different from its predecessor. The traditional method of the FUE hair transplant procedure was a labor-intensive process that required surgeons to manually dissect hundreds and thousands of hair follicles from the patient’s donor area. The ARTAS Hair Transplant technology was developed by leading researchers and engineers to improve hair growth results and perfect the FUE technique. The physician-assisted robotic technology allows surgeons to precisely harvest each hair graft at the same consistency and accuracy throughout the entire procedure, eliminating any potential for human error or fatigue. Another one of the biggest advantages of the Artas device is the fact that it can help to calculate the exact depth and angles at which the hair follicles should be both extracted and most importantly re-implanted into the scalp. For more information on all, there is to know about the Artas hair loss treatment, be sure to contact Luxury Hair Suites today.


Hair Restoration

When it comes to hair restoration, the FUE method (follicular unit extraction) and more specifically the NeoGraft treatment, has been one of the safest and most effective treatments available to date!

With countless happy patients, both men and women, Dr. V and his team have been able to help patients dealing with a wide variety of hair loss issues!

From common male or female pattern baldness, to hair loss related hormonal changes, medications, and more, the NeoGraft treatment has been able to help patients with lost or thinning hair, receding hairlines, and crown issues to reinvigorate their follicles, and achieve a thicker head of hair - faster and more efficiently than any other method around.

Client Reviews

As a patient of Dr. V I have to say he is a great doctor! I am 10 months post-op from my Neograft hair treatment and I am so happy with my results! My hair is coming in so nicely, the transplant was a complete success – I couldn’t imagine it going any better! And Dr. V is very caring and meticulous with his patients. He put me at ease throughout the whole process, kept me informed on everything, and made sure I understood everything in detail before he did it. Can’t say enough good things about Dr. V!

Marvin F.