When it comes to hair loss treatment, it seems like everyday there is another supposed miracle treatment on the horizon. You might see someone raving online about how they went from being completely bald one day, to having a full head of hair the next. And unfortunately for the vast majority of individuals when it comes to hair loss treatment, there really isn’t any miracle method out there. While all the hair oils, ointments, serums, and medications might certainly help a little, the fact is that the vast majority of these will only make your current hair, slightly healthier and rarely will they help you to grow any actual hair along your bald spots. however, according to the team at Luxury Hair Suites, known for the best hair restoration treatment NYC has to offer, the NeoGraft Hair Transplant is one of the most effective and heavily in-demand FUE hair transplant variations around today, and it has been proven to help countless men and women, to combat their unwanted hair loss issues! When it comes to a hair growth transplant, the FUE hair transplant is essentially the gold standard. It stands for Follicular Unit Extraction, meaning a procedure where your surgeon will remove individual hair follicles one at a time, along an area where your hair is still growing thick and healthy. Then they will perform a hairline transplant along the front of your head and using manual follicle hair plantation, implant that follicle into the balding area. The NeoGraft hairline transplant is a variation of the FUE hair transplant, however it uses a specialized device for both the removal of the hair follicles, as well as the hair plantation along the bald area. Because this eliminates much of the human error often involved in the treatment, patients will often experience amazing results, and are far more likely for their hairline transplant to be effective! In this article, as we did in our previous one, we will be going over a few of the most important things to know about the NeoGraft hair restoration treatment.

Who is a Good Candidate for the NeoGraft Scalp Transplant?

Its important to understand that not everybody is a good candidate for the NeoGraft scalp transplant, and it isn’t for everybody. We recommend that patients try alternative methods of hair loss treatment before opting to jump into a hair growth transplant surgery. however, if you have tried other methods without much success, and are ready, it is vital that you are in good overall health, and generally shouldn’t smoke or have any adverse health issues. In addition, the best candidates are those that have enough hair follicles, that are in a healthy, thick, growing state, along the back and sides of their head, as it is vital to have an adequate region to harvest the donor hair follicles from. Without this, it is likely that you aren’t a good candidate for a hairline transplant surgery. During your consultation with Luxury Hair Suites, they will determine your candidacy.

No Hair Transplant Surgery Can Prevent Future Hair Loss

You must understand, that while hair transplant surgery has been proven to be an effective method for helping to restore balding regions of the scalp, using a scalp transplant, the fact is that future hair loss may also occur and it won’t stop it. If you are genetically prone, or have a number of lifestyle issues, that are causing your hair not to grow as well, then you will likely experience further hair loss even after the transplant. This is why patients will often have multiple hair transplant surgery procedures, and why its important to do everything you can after your treatment to take care of your hair and its overall health. The team at Luxury Hair will recommend things like hair creams, serums, PRP hair therapy injections and more.

Post-Procedure Shedding is Normal

Once the hair transplant is done, and the hair transplantation has occurred, it’s important to understand that the grafted hair will stay in place for about 2 to 3 weeks, and then it will likely shed. It’s important to the overall process of hair growth. New growth begins in three to four months, and hair will continue to grow and look healthy and natural. So don’t be shocked, and think your procedure didn’t work if you begin to experience any shedding a few weeks after your hair growth transplant procedure.

For more information on NeoGraft and hair restoration treatment, be sure to contact Luxury Hair Suites today.

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