Are You a Good Candidate for the NeoGraft Hair Transplant?

Hair loss is a common issue amongst many men these days, and with the high levels of stress and fast paced lifestyles many of us lead, it can only make things worse. Hair loss is often a product of genetic issues, and is passed down from generations before us. Contrary to what many myths may have you believe, it is actually a product of both your mother and fathers side of the family, like any other hereditary condition. According to the team at Luxury Hair Suites, and Dr. V the best doctor for hair loss Queens has in practice, one of the biggest problems with losing your hair is the emotional toll and the effect it can have on your confidence. For many men, their hair is a source of power and gives them confidence. Being able to get a fresh haircut or style your hair the way you want gives many men a renewed and refreshed feeling and arms them with the confidence and self esteem to tackle many of life’s most difficult tasks. And losing your hair can be a huge hit to your confidence, and drastically affect your overall mental well being. This is why its vital to seek hair loss treatment as soon as possible. The most important thing to understand about hair restoration Queens experts like Dr. V want you to know is that the sooner you make the decision to start the process the better. At Luxury Hair Suites, Dr. V and his team offer a number of effective methods of hair restoration such as PRP hair therapy, in addition to the revolutionary new NeoGraft Hair Transplantation system. The NeoGraft is by far the most effective means of hair restoration around today. This innovative FUE hair transplant method allows patients to achieve an improved, thicker, fuller, hair line, with far less downtime, side effects, risks and issues when compared to other methods.

How Does a Hair Transplant Work?
Hair loss is an issue that men have been dealing with since the dawn of time, and something that we will always have to combat as we age. The fact of the matter is that as we age, our body’s tissue is constantly degrading and generally renewing itself and all our cells. However, according to Dr. V, the best doctor for hair loss treatment Queens has in practice, our hair follicles slowly begin to miniaturize and thin out over time, until eventually they stop growing and your hair will continually fall out. However, because this occurs mainly in the hairs along the front of your head and the crown of your head, using a FUE hair transplant method like the NeoGraft treatment the team at Luxury Hair Suites is able to take hairs from the back of your head or other areas, and implant the follicles into the front area or where you are experiencing your unwanted hair loss. While other hair transplant options might be effective for some, few can offer the high level effectiveness and benefits of the NeoGraft treatment.

What is NeoGraft?
The most revolutionary and effective hair transplant method around today, the NeoGraft Hair Transplant system offers patients the high level hair restoration they want, with a number of amazing benefits and far fewer side effects, risks and issues – when compared to other methods. The NeoGraft automated FUE hair transplant is what is known as an advanced follicular unit extraction method, that uses an automated pneumatic (air pressure) system to extract the hair follicles (follicular units or grafts). This is in contrast to other methods that might require a doctor to physically remove the hair follicles one at a time, which can not only be more difficult, painful and time consuming, but simply isn’t as effective. Plus, many patients seek out NeoGraft as it allows them to get the hair restoration they want, without having to suffer from unwanted side effects, downtime, or scarring – which is the most common issue that many patients have as a result of a hair transplant.

Are You a Good Candidate?
The beauty of a treatment like the NeoGraft hair transplantation system is that its effective for a number of different individuals, both males and females. However, like with any other aesthetic enhancement method, some might be better candidates than others. According to Dr. V and the Luxury Hair Suites team, the best doctor hair loss Queens has to offer, NeoGraft is an effective method for patients who are looking for high quality hair restoration, with fewer side effects, risks, downtime or a long recovery period, as its far less invasive than other methods and much more effective. One of the main benefits of the NeoGraft is that it allows you to have your hair restored, without the need to deal with post procedure scarring. This means you can have any type of short hair style you want after. In addition, there are far fewer restrictions on the activities you can and can’t do after your treatment. Some of the best candidates are also those who have had a previous hair transplant and may be looking to add additional hair to an area they might have scarring along, or even those who aren’t satisfied with the results of their previous transplant. For more information on NeoGraft and other methods be sure to contact Luxury Hair Suites today.

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