NeoGraft has been proven to be one of the most effective methods of hair restoration around today! One of the newest and most innovative variations on a traditional FUE hair transplant, the NeoGraft has been able to help countless men and women to reclaim their hairlines, and combat lost, thinning, or damaged hair with fewer side effects, risks, and unwanted downtime! While NeoGraft has proven itself in helping patients to combat hair loss atop their heads, one of the most interesting uses for NeoGraft that has been gaining quite a bit of popularity of late is the use of NeoGraft for beard restoration. For many men, whether they might suffer from alopecia, other health conditions, or simply as a result of stress and lifestyle, losing hair along their beards can become more common than you might think. While it isn’t something that affects the majority of individuals, there are a lot of men dealing with such an issue at this point. And as the years go by, the follicles along with their beard only become more and more damaged and devastated by outside influences. Plus, not only is NeoGraft a great option for those men who are suffering from thinning or lost hair along with their beards but for those men who may have had trouble growing hair in certain spots their whole lives!

Facial Hair Restoration

For many men, as they age, their beard can often become patchy, thicker in some areas than others, lighter, and not as full in many places, while some others may not have ever been able to grow a full beard their whole lives. Beard restoration with NeoGraft might be the answer for you! With the NeoGraft hair restoration system, hair can be transplanted to the face to create a thicker, fuller mustache, beard, or sideburn. Using the very same specialized NeoGraft device, that pays extra attention to the health of each individual hair follicle, the transplanted hair can give you a thicker, fuller beard, and give you the rugged, masculine look you’ve always wanted – with less downtime, side effects or risks than any other method!

Facial Hair Issues

Facial hair, like the hair on our head, is highly determined by genetics and family history. The amount of facial hair or the thickness it is is generally determined by our genetics. And this can present itself differently from person to person. While one individual might have a thick, fully-connected beard, wrapping completely around their face, others may struggle to grow little more than a mustache, or have a beard full of patches and blank spots. For such individuals, there were few options but to simply shave it all off. But now, for anyone looking to grow a thicker, fuller beard, and create a more rugged, masculine look for themselves – NeoGraft can help! A variation on the FUE hair transplant method, NeoGraft uses a specialized device to harvest hair follicles from where they are strongest, usually along the back of your scalp. After extracting the follicle, it is placed in the facial zone to be filled in, where it will be able to grow in its new location and flourish. The newly implanted hairs can be shaved, cut, styled, and groomed in any way you would like, and due to the highly effective procedure behind the NeoGraft the implanted hairs grow just as strong and thick as any other hair follicle that was their naturally would.

Benefits of Facial Hair Restoration

The fact is that NeoGraft is by far the most effective and in-demand method for hair restoration today. With countless men and women looking to have it done. It’s no surprise that it’s not only the most effective, but also the least invasive, and offers the best results with fewer side effects, downtime, or risks than any other method. Plus, patients can avoid the commonly associated pain and discomfort that can come with most hair transplants. And for facial hair restoration, it is just as effective, and requires no scarring, incisions, stitches staples, or anything! For more information on facial hair restoration with NeoGraft be sure to contact us today.

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